Australian Medical Council Exam also known as (AMC Exam) is an automated body in Australia which maintains and standardizes the evaluation of medical profession thus promotion of the rectification of national standards of Australian health. This governing body keeps the record of medical professionals of Australia in the data bank after putting the candidates through the Australian Medical Council’s rigorous exam also knows as AMC examination.

Universal restorative alumni who have an essential capability in medication and medical procedure granted by a preparation establishment perceived by the AMC are qualified to apply for AMC evaluation. Prepare for AMC Exam could become a tedious task if the outline isn’t properly chalked out. Following these steps to perform well at the AMC Exam.

  • To prepare for AMC Exam, first you will have to go through the entire AMC Handbook of MCQs couple of time that are available online & in the hard copy as well. That handbook is published by many publishing companies to cater the candidates in the best and the easiest way possible, going through it will give you a heads up on what do expect in the actual examination.
  • Get on hand solved material of the last five to ten years of solve AMC recalls. Go through the material as many times as you could because it is the first choice to prepare for AMC exam. Putting some hours will definitely oil up the brain cell or the actual examination. Recalls are not easily available but yes you can find out Recalls from some previous students or from social media Groups.
  • The best one is AMC Qbank, You may either subscribe for this AMC Question bank or go for the books format of AMC Qbank which is easily available only at 99 Medical Books store.
  • There are two approaches to prepare for AMC exam. If the time is available then go for the longer route which involves comprehensive research of the study material and text books which will set u back from twelve to fifteen months, the shorter route is going through the specific and the most essential topics by the MCQ study material available all over online, but that too will set you back for two to three months at least.
  • The advisement online for the AMC examination by the body has a few URLs which would give you a great inside on the topic like Epilepsy & local offence etc.
  • John Murtagh’s study material is the most popular in terms of pin point selective reading on the AMC examination, but even those selective topic could get overwhelming so if the schedule is tight, you should skip the details.
  • These are some of the books to prepare for AMC Exam: AMC Qbank, AMC Handbook of MCQs, Anthology of Medical conditions, AMC Handbook of Clinical assessment, John Murtagh’s General Practice and many more books Available in Market.
  • Lastly get in touch with the people who have recently taken this examination, you may find them on the social media communities and forums for the latest reviews on the study path.