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For MRCP exam, Pastest has its world famous Qbank which has been helping the students from all over the world trying to clear their MRCP part 1 and MRCP part 2 exams. This Qbank has formulated and complied by Pastest in such a way which not only gives in depth knowledge to the students but it also helps them understand the technicalities by presenting different real world operational situations in front of them in a virtual understandable manner.

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Many new age medical practitioners place the Pastest Qbank above other study materials because the other resources only offer the candidates only one sided approach to the technicalities whereas the Pastest study material is more comprehensive and provides the candidates with the 360 Degree approach to things. The fields such as Genetics, Biostatistics, Embryology and pathology are the biggest concerns for the students because of their complex nature, but Pastest with its simplified approach to details has life easier for the candidates preparing to appear for their MRCP Exam.

Pastest has many publications as well for MRCP Exam preparation that includes Paces Menual, Pastest Essential revision Notes, A problem based approach and many more. In the same way Pastest Qbanks are also available in Books format. That Includes Pastest MRCP Part 1 Qbank and Pastest MRCP part 2 Qbank and it is same as online with proper formatting, Question, Options, Answer and proper Explanation.