The Australian medical council exam is the evaluation obstacle that the potential medical practitioner has to cross through to start the medical practice in Australia. AMC exam has a lot of study material available online and in hardcopy in the form of text books in the market, but that much of material serves as an information overload for the candidate. Mining and searching for the perfect study material for AMC Exam requires perfect precision and knowledge about the publishing company and the author. Below is some of the most important study material for AMC exam preparation that should be considered while preparing for exam.

MCQ Based Approach

The multiple choice questions (MCQ) approach serves as the crash course in the preparation of the Australian Medical Council Exam. The MCQs act as the main headings of the related topics that are likely to come in the examination and if the candidate memorizes the headings only then he can get the heads up on what to expect in the examination. These MCQs serve as a jump start for the candidate who is short of time and make the most of it.

The best MCQ approach is AMC handbook of MCQs published by AMC officially. This of the first recommendation of expert for AMC Exam Preparation and then it come to the AMC Qbank which is a perfect combination of AMC handbook of MCQs for AMC Exam Preparation. Handbook is just for a Quick review which has just question and answer but AMC Qbank is well explained with proper formatting like: Question, Options, and Answer and then detailed explanation of each option. Question banks are always useful for any kind of Medical exams.

The Thorough Reading

Another approach to study for the Australian medical council examination is the text book material which is readily available by many publishers online and in the hard copy. Some of the most important study material which is prescribed by the Australian medical council for the preparation of exam is listed below:

  • Anthology of Medical Conditions.

Anthology of Medical Conditions is the publication of AMC itself. This book has been prepared to fully enable the potential candidates appearing for the AMC exam, to get in depth knowledge about the tests and make them completely prepared for any medical complexity that they may face in the examination.

  • Handbook of Clinical Assessment.

Another publication of the AMC is the AMC Handbook of Clinical Assessment. This comprehensive book is devised and written in such a way which enables the candidate of get the hands on information about the clinical medical practice that exists in Australia. This book involves own demo clinical testing that helps the candidate in getting ready for the real life scenario.

  • Guidelines for Preventive Activities in General Practice.

This “RED BOOK” provides the candidate with the knowledge of quick care of prevention and opportunistic care of prevention, which are the core topics of AMC exam.

Last but not least the AMC Recalls, as per expert’s opinion a candidate should must get in touch with the previous students who have cleared AMC Exam. Just to get some idea about the exam preparation and they are the one who have experienced it so then know which kind of question could be a part of exam. So a new candidate should must join different AMC Exam Preparation groups on social media platform to learn from the expert’s experience.